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Welcome to the moderator team Empty Welcome to the moderator team

Post  LJ3 on 2010-10-04, 18:39

As a moderator your job is to keep this place up and running.

Your job is to ban people, move posts to the correct boards, and to give me suggestions on what forums to add and such.

Rules of the forum

-No inappropriate content
-No illegal content
-No personal info unless it is on your profile page
-No spam (repeated posting of nonsense)
-No begging for mod (I would send them a PM warning and then Ban them as you see fit)

Note: As a moderator, your name will be added to the censored words of the site for your protection. So, if you are Bob and your username is lolcat, any instance in which Bob appears will be replaced with lolcat.

Reasons to ban members - remember these are guidelines, not rules. Its is your job to moderate in whatever way is best for the forum. Have the time banned be relevant to the issue caused.

1 day ban

- A minor violation such as not listening to you when you give them a warning or a small amount of spam.

1 week ban
- second 1 day ban or if it is more major than 1 day ban

Permanent ban
- repeated week bans or a major rule is broken

If some one creates a new account to avoid their ban send the new user name to me and I will deal with it.

To Ban A User

Go to their profile page, scroll to the bottom and click ban user

type in a reason and time banned

To Unban A User

Contact me in a PM with the users name and reason to unban

To move, lock or delete a post
[Only mods are allowed to see this image]

View image

By click the edit button you can edit anyone's post also

If you have any other questions feel free to send them to me or post them on this forum

BTW - Grammer Nazi needs to learn to spell in the reason for editing box!

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