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Post  Guest on 2011-01-11, 14:35

So this one time I was playing Ronald McDonald's Treehouse Adventure Game and in the game I saw a homeless man trying to climb into my treehouse. When I told Ronald what was going on he said (@$#@) and then began to repeatadly stab this poor man with a steel knife from one of his popular fastfood chains. When I saw all of the blood on Ronald's hot mustard yellow jumpsuit I started to run away. Ronald was clever becasue he sent Hamburglar to come stop me from leaving town. Hamburglar and bad [CENSORED] gang of toddlers came after me in low rider El Caminos shooting uzis out the windows screaming "don't run homes or the Griddler will funk you up." With all of the comotion going down Officer Big Mac came rolling down the streets in his six fo. He thought I was a boy in the hood and threw me down on the ground. He called for backup and before I knew it I was deported to Botswanna. Botswanna (home of the rag weed) is not a place toddlers, especially a toddler who just wanted a funking happy ending. Those funked up Botswanians persisted to sell me apple dippers when I all I wanted was a medium fry. After insutling the Botswanians enough they sold me into slave labor for a local Burger King. Now running the streets in gang territory was bad enough, but walk-gliding down McIdeeys territory with the Burger King Homes was afwul. The king pulled out a zip gun and started to rape Roanld's Autistic friends with his .0073 mm bullets, the poor autisitc child didn't deserve this. Then the Griddler came and.........................


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Post  THEGAME on 2011-02-08, 11:34

I don't know why nobody finished this. I honestly think this is a great story and has plenty of potential. HAD THE POSTER NOT BEEN DELETED, I THINK HE WOULD MAKE A GREAT AUTHOR AND A GREAT MODERATOR CANDIDATE.

Oh, that and that the official demonym of Botswana (you spelled it wrong) is not "Botswannians," it's "Batswana"

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